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tv   Faith Matters - go Rome The International Pilgrimage of Altar Servers  Deutsche Welle  September 2, 2018 8:02am-8:30am CEST

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the first cleaning was. yours granted the letter arrives. joining a regular jane on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. an orangutan returns home on the w. dot com tanks. bag. this is a big day for a small catholic parish near the german dutch border. some forty young people from taking part in the ultra service pilgrimage to rome. with the blessing of their parish priest father brother man and a goodbye from their parents they're setting off. on. one of the
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start of our pilgrimage we gather here in the name of the father and of the holy spirit. the youngest participant is eleven the oldest twenty six. for many of the younger children this will be the longest they've ever been away from her. the parish has about one hundred sixty all to service about a quarter i had in for rome for your. church for the statistics that they're all on board. ultra sitters assist the priest during catholic services now it's his turn to attend to their needs as the group sets off from western germany some sixty thousand all to service from eighteen other countries are also starting on the pilgrimage the group from have brought along their flag with fire and i will pick up chew on the way that makes for one good. if there
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is a small community in the minster diocese in the far north west of germany round is one thousand six hundred kilometers away twenty two hours by bus it's a long journey. for father put them on a journey with memories. his previous posting was in her tenancy the town that lost sixteen children in twenty fifteen when a german wings pilot committed suicide by flying his plane into a mountainside. some of the young people were from father polygamous parish he remembers one especially paula who lost her life in the tragedy. but part of the day i left the last impression on me because i was the assistant priest in my heart out not at the time but i would definitely like to counter for power in rome because she also went on this pilgrimage somehow this tragedy always stays with. the young people are in high spirits there's not much singing of him so praying the
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rosary. sitting at the altar is hardly typical of their generation best in rome they'll discover that they're part of an enormous worldwide community. up to twenty two hours the bus finally arrives in rome. where the first problem awaits them the bus can't reach the hotel the roads are too narrow and it's thirty seven degrees celsius. so they unload the luggage and. some of these pilgrims have forgotten their sunscreen. in this heat that could also
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be a problem. to make sure i'm rather exhausted i hope we get all of the children to the hotel safely in this heat arm wearing too much never mind we'll soon be able to change our clothes and freshen offers them will tackle the search he's got one. row in the eternal city a population of nearly three million and a treasure trove of tourist sites. you have to stand out if you want to disappear in the crowd all the pilgrims from aper ordered yellow t. shirts especially for this trip. like their flag the t. shirts display the heraldic animal of their region who are not a duck. the first official event the opening mess for the minster diocese. group has arrived a little late it will be their schedule to serve the bishops months.
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i mean as was the first to volunteer for this duty it's his first mess and row. now he is the biggest fan club of course you're nervous in front of so many people five i don't want to make any mistakes but i'm also a bit proud to be assisting and playing some small part. that's mentioned this is also done by this. mass with the bishop is not very different from any other mass. the scent of incense is already drifting into the backstage area but i was just really exhilarated by ship does a final check me. personally bishop christopher haggis says it's good to be a bit nervous. young people like adventure and faith is a communicator only with ideas as pope francis once said he communicates itself through the hands through doing through the heart. because out by experiencing
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something directly you slowly grow to understand it in a deeper way we often present everything in a very conceptual way in school we're told what to think but we often don't really grasp something until it becomes tangible until we experience that faith is also an experience it's. only boys have volunteered to serve this mass and. the girls take a backseat. like nina and lisa. that a team leader is. the older ones take care of the younger children many of them are suffering in the heat at five in the evening it's still over thirty five degrees in the shade. and it's not much cooler in the church. to miss it and i think the girls were exhausted i guess they didn't bring nearly
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enough to drink alice the whole time i was worried they were going to collapse. after the mass they march with their flag across the tide that. day one draws to an end. the next morning the metro is not running and is still a lot of prepare for the morning prayer service in sacred heart church near the main train station. lay theologian christiane baca is in charge of all the ultra service in winstead each diocese is responsible for its own and programs to stand back or has one thousand eight hundred ultra service to tend to but to get some to do all have to to yesterday yes and that worked out. as well because i wasn't good or i didn't work out for the peace of margarita was ok i just but they told us to be there at eight on the daughter and we didn't get off food until quarter to ten fourteen has got. to stand back or was a pilgrim cultist server himself. so he's an old hand. he would get paid you sleep
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well. have you gotten air conditioning. done to know you had a family. the service gets underway. take a. small break and. says oh yeah slow but i won't and if i was i was the high point in our parish every four years for food i suppose that's what she called it was always the initiation rite for the new team leaders going with the little ones to rome in the fall and it was also an incentive for me to remain an altar server when i was a teenager after the much alcohol from misty not supply of my system. while the rest of the group relaxed after the morning prayer service father put them on has to go back to the hotel. one of the children isn't feeling well twelve year old till. there come
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a day chanson near the main train station no luxury hotel the rooms are on the third feel of a rather rundown building. it's just as that's possible to last what is that all you had to drink don't you want to drink a little mole you need plenty of water even if you're not staying with its mission often have you shlash r.k. apart from that how do you feel you have vomited again ok that's good how can i have you spoke with your parents today sandy thing. call up my mailbox maybe they left me a message let's have a listen. plus more. from rome good morning mrs home. i'm sitting with him right now it seems he volunteered a little last night. my he probably wasn't drinking enough water but he was easy to
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forget. he's going to rest today he'll stay in the hotel and we'll give him one of the pills drink plenty of water and spend the day resting and. then father brigham and has to get going for the rest of the group he's not just a priest in rome he's the travel guide. the first stop today is the papal basilica of sometime audio much. like many of the tourist attractions special security measures are in place because of the threats of a terrorist attack. telepaths pops once a school holy father pope francis has a very special relationship with this church whenever he leaves italy he always comes here first in praise for his trip a brawl. and when he returns to rome he always comes to somebody a majority to say
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a prayer and give thanks for the good things he has experienced. the most on. this pilgrimage is seek peace and pursue it but this time that translates to seek shade and consume water the drinking fountains are almost more popular than the historical attractions. the good man is always looking for the shortest route to the next time knights. head for the trevi fountain. inside out. an insider tip on every visit to rome are always trying to corner over my left shoulder and two wishes have actually come true isn't actually because of lots of people do it and the fountain is full of corn dogs most important of anything the people from kara task carmen collect the money which is then distributed among the poor and needy of rug. submit to.
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lisa has a lot of wishes and goes to the fountain with a friend lena. just a minutes which show that it father pick a month say rice or left leg. and what isn't all to go wishful inroad as if you're not allowed to say good morning don't come true. in the afternoon they meet up with the other all to service for a trip to ostia father put them on stays behind in rome to keep an eye on john till . the one thousand eight hundred pilgrims from minster more than half are staying outside rome at the holiday camp in austria. they're planning a big celebration together at the camp. the open m.-s. is held under a scorching sun. because there's not enough shade to go around and
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the bishop had to go braves the heat together with young children was. after the mess bishop headed changes into casual clothes and visits the group from a pair. was a travel company has sponsored to be faced with a one thousand eight hundred young people without generous donations like this would be possible. that. this is. it's twelve international pilgrimage of all to service to rome which takes place every four years originally it was an initiative of the german church. after evening prayer there is a posse faith and family travel hand in hand on this road pilgrimage each has its place in. the
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struggle you. see. on the sidelines the diocese an organization team with christiane back to relax over a beer. at the end of a long day they're too tired to join the dancing. about that such as the young people have so much energy but it's always a lot of fun no matter what you figure we can sleep on the pilgrimage is over. the following day sees the official highlights of the pilgrimage a papal audience on st peter's square. long lines at all the entrances every pilgrim has to pass through security. it was
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a. big group from a player is on site with hours to spare. the mercury rises to thirty nine in the shade. and here and his sister have to hold the flag. the security people took their flagpole away never mind the main thing is to see the pope. like that i'm really excited because i didn't think i would be so but it's awesome but not this is too much too hot. and young till has recovered he's going to make sure he gets enough water because he doesn't want to miss the big. then it. was me that was bitter very important because i'd really like to meet the pope at least once in my life for the thought was that. there are still a few hours to wait said the vatican fire brigade provide some relief from the heat
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of the young people from a third also get in on the fun and come back to their places refreshed. i knew that he was up. by six in the evening there are ninety thousand pilgrims on the square and still long lines at security. finally very is pope francis driving amongst the crowds. was. the great from it'd cost him to secure a place at the front that way they should be able to see the pope close up. as there was then just before entering their name the popemobile turns must the number ace only one place you. know here he is pope francis and the cell phones are ready was was.
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the experience is one thing but a video is also a must i. try oh no i pressed the wrong button i know i didn't get a video i didn't press the button. the pope is greeted like a pop star. pop they place it for him and the school ching sunflower has. the two and the holy father sends them. to me. peace to. give me a reward only was true in his address pope francis tells the sixty thousand of his service from nineteen countries the road to sanctity is not for lazy bones it requires effort encouraged out and finally his blessing. now.
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the bishops traveling with the pilgrims get to meet the pope. bishop peggy is even able to exchange a few words with him. then one was young altar girl gets closer to the pope than anybody else she throws her arms around him. but francis keeps his cool. exhausted but happy the ulta siva's from the pose for a souvenir photo on st peter's square. which actually i don't know if i should say this as a priest but i thought it was also thought do you think how. to get them out of an ash was more moving somehow seeing him was special in that the encounter i got i couldn't believe it at first i was in shock and then he was gone i guess. then the ashes start to clear the square. the next
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day the group from a pair returns to st pete is. not meant. to be out there. today they want to see the basilica from inside again there's a long line but the young people from a well prepared to take care of each other and keep themselves entertained. to get everyone out of the sun father brigham and even tries to pull the clerical card. that mr clerical card doesn't work today much of sometimes you can jump a line if they see you're a priest but i'm afraid that won't work today if you just listen to me and. finally their patience is rewarded and there inside st pete is. at twenty three must stand as one of the oldest pilgrims. he has been an altar. service for eighty years and he was often inside st peter's but this will be the
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last time he will come here as an altar boy muscle is now studying for the priesthood. he is in his first year at the seminary. he slips into the side chapel for a moment of quiet prayer as a boy he wanted to become either a fireman a policeman or a priest. it's an unusual choice for a young man from germany and he's the first ulta boy from eva to study for the priesthood. i draw strength from the fact that there are one hundred sixty young people in a power saying we're with you we're travelling with you that makes it possible for me to say about my own vocation are not alone i don't feel strange these teenagers
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and young adults are standing behind me and saying it's good that you're doing this . that the next item on the schedule is a so-called blind date each group has to travel to a destination in the city to music group they don't know it's all about making new friends but our group was unlucky their bus comes too late and the air conditioning isn't working half an hour's drive in a furnace. for some pilgrims it's too much one girl collapses. father black a man takes charge the girl is soon feeling better but not one enough to continue on to the get together but. the other young people look for the nearest drinking fountain and stock up on water. it's a real disappointment they were looking forward to the blind date now they've inadvertently stood them up. to. the last day of the
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pilgrimage you know. the group has found a quiet spot to pray. that. says father put him on has brought prayer intentions from the people of. his parishioners donated generously to the pilgrimage. now the pilgrims want to pray for them. really the most profound requests that the people have entrusted to us and i have faith in you that you can do this that we can pray together in a very serious way. and. are you ready for this ok ok then distribute the requests. maybe you should fold it in half assed don't read it but yeah it's. a.
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advice to mr gordon you know how daily life can oppress me the hatred and superficiality indifference and the fear i bring you the entire shambles of my life i believe that you can transform it into something wonderful. father to take this opportunity to pray for the young woman from his previous parish who died in the air crash. and of all the children you have received into your kingdom the home but i ask you this through christ brother in the lord on men. the fire station this was important for me because powell was with our group in rome when i was still an assistant priest in twenty fourteen and wish to go i think it was a wonderful and important experience for her for the entire group and she no longer
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had the opportunity to come with us this year because she died in that terrible act and stephen comes and us here because we prayed together a lot in rhyme it was important for me to pray for power today. and for bits could be its name on parts of. the final mass takes place interesting a picture postcard district of run. into. the atmosphere during the service is subdued all they've experienced the heat not enough sleep simply a kind of spiritual exhaustion. but afterwards on the square in front of the church the mood is joyful.
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mega awesome how cool. is our saying we also found peace at least our family peace than i had i was able to get to know a lot of people and it was great to go on this trip isn't this guy we aren't the only ones who serve in the church every sunday there are lots who do so this was a wonderful experience this lot and got a sincere mushmouth just talked about peace. moments what is it that brings you peace as i watch the rings me piece it is that i'm happy with the way the pilgrimage has gone. over it will also be good when we get on the bus tomorrow. the priest is exhausted but the young people are still brimming with enthusiasm for the eternal city. british. that.
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that made it a. class five. euro max this week's highlights. this is hot a new ice cream experience in munich. storming summits a belgian photographer takes us to the top. the place to be. pearl of the black sea. the roman. could be doubly.
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ninety sixty eight both good and original. young people everywhere were protesting . an outcry echoed around the world. the economy was booming but the vietnam war is politicized to go on for generations society was at a boiling point. current one the way they've been fully funded has gone w. . lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition greed and megalomania. we also claim the return control of the rich lots were. coming basement bankers goldberg carousel where the first on. everybody no longer wanted to leave nor the
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reality of the whole thing might blow up in the face of a system that strong out of control of the of their world and that caused. the crash the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on t.w. . hi everyone ends would come to your max fall highlights edition be put together the best fake self the week this is what's coming up today. pros who fall the same unit based ice cream maker produces in bad.


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